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Domino's Top 10 Dog-Friendly Wineries in New Jersey

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Hi everybody, Domino the Winery Dog here. There’s nothing I love more than visiting wineries with my mommy and daddy. The sights! The smells! The people! The food! So for all you doggie parents out there, here are my ten favorite wineries to visit in New Jersey.

1. Autumn Lake Winery – It’s sooo pretty and has a lot of space for a pup to stretch her legs. Mommy and daddy love the view, the free live music, and the food trucks but what really gets my tail wagging are the walking trails around the lake.

2. Working Dog Winery – Of course they love doggies, it’s in their name! I love chilling out on their huge lawn while mommy and daddy listen to live music and hopefully share some of their food truck yummies with me. Did someone say French fries?

3. Balic Winery – I love playing with Mariah at Balic! She’s their friendly Golden Retriever and even has her picture on the bottle of their Pumpkin wine (I’m sooo jealous!) I also like to hang out under the Mediterranean Terrace while mommy and daddy enjoy a packed lunch (you can bring your own food!) Can I have a potato chip, please?

4. White Horse Winery – Here I get to hang out with Macy, a playful black Lab and official winery mascot. I love lying on the cool grass under the picnic table while mommy and daddy rock out to free live music and munch on food truck tastiness.

5. Terra Nonno Winery – Know what I like best about Terra Nonno? Shade! Now that they’ve expanded their patio space, I can stay cool even in the summer! Plus they have free live music and food trucks every weekend!

6. Cedar Rose Vineyards – They’re just down the road from Terra Nonno and their staff spoils me rotten! Mommy and daddy say that they have awesome cheese plates (if I’m good, they’ll even give me some) plus they have free live music and plenty of grassy spaces.

7. Hopewell Valley Vineyards – Mommy and daddy love their brick oven pizza and if I behave, I can have the crust! And they’ve got a nice big open field where I can be walked in-between the free live music sets.

8. Jessie’s Creek Winery – they let me inside, yay! Their barrel room is nice and cozy so I can visit with mommy and daddy even in the winter! Outside is also fun – with lot’s of trees and grass and free live music and food trucks.

9. Salem Oak Vineyards – speaking of food, mommy and daddy really love Salem’s Oak’s ravioli! And I love how nice everyone there is and hanging out on the porch or lawn while mommy and daddy listen to free live music. Mommy says that they also have awesome chocolates but I’m not allowed to have any. (pout)

10. Renault Winery – their on-site restaurant has the best food and they have a pretty pond, big grassy fields and free live music.

While those are my personal faves, here are other dog-friendly New Jersey Wineries:

Bellview Winery (dogs are not allowed during events)

Hawk Haven Vineyard & Winery (No dogs allowed Friday – Sunday)

Old York Cellar (allows dogs but only on the lawn and you must bring your own chair)

Want to see even more of these dog-friendly wineries of New Jersey? Then check out my youtube channel:

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1 Comment

May 15, 2021

Hi Dawn. What a great post. It makes me wish that I lived in New Jersey! (Although I live in the UK so it would make for quite a long commute to work! :-) ) I'm sure that my dog, Harvey, would love all of these wineries.

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