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Coda Rossa Winery

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Located in the backwoods of Franklinville, New Jersey, Coda Rossa is a winery bursting with unrealized potential. There is nothing wrong with being a “taste and go” stop along the Garden State Wine Growers Association trail, but with so many wineries springing up in New Jersey it becomes difficult for smaller ones like Coda Rossa to stand out. Having good wines helps and Coda Rossa certainly has its share. For only $5 you can sample six wines and for me, the standouts were naturally the sweeter fare - Peacho Grigio, Harmony and Sweet Jane.

After our tasting, we purchased a bottle of Harmony and looked for a place to settle in for a quiet afternoon of reading and sipping. The outside patio in front of the vineyards offered a pretty view but little shade or relief from the humid August heat. Inside there was a spacious room behind the tasting bar that had some scattered chairs and cool pictures of birds (Coda Rossa is named after the red-tailed hawks located there) but was lacking in warmth or comfort. Add some comfy couches, tables, and some chairs that don’t hurt your butt after sitting for longer than ten minutes and it could be a cool hangout. Why not toss in some board games and a library and give people a reason to chill out with a bottle of wine? All in all, Coda Rossa is a charming winery with flavorsome wines…but it could be so much more.

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