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Saude Creek Vineyards

We knew we were in for something special when just the drive-up alone to Saude Creek Vineyards was stunning. Then we actually laid eyes on the winery itself and I have to say that our mouths literally fell open. It was beyond beautiful, surrounded by acres of blossoming vineyards with colorful flower gardens and a majestic tasting room perfectly situated for you to soak it all in. While said tasting room is warm and welcoming with plenty of comfy couches on the inside, outside is truly the place to be. There you will find a large wrap-around porch, garden patios and decks, all offering alluring views of the vineyards. There is also a separate venue available on the property for weddings and events.

After spending a good chunk of time just exploring the exquisite grounds, we’d worked quite a thirst. It was now time to see if Saude Creek’s wine was as good as its scenery. Upon entering the tasting room we were greeted by Saude, the friendly winery cat who was taken in as a stray years ago and adopted by the winery. After fussing over the super nice kitty, we made our flight selections and secured a spot on the deck to imbibe. I’m pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed all four of the wines I tasted. Viognier was a pleasant dry white with honey notes. The Chardonel 2022 was a nice surprise, tasting like a smooth version of a Chardonnay with a hint of citrus. We were also very fond of Pearl with its subtle strawberry notes as well as Pamunkey Fall with its hint of pear.

Saude Creek Vineyards has it all – beauty, great wine, food trucks, live music, a bring-your-own-food policy and they are dog-friendly too!



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