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Old Hill Cidery & The Winery at Kindred Pointe

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

A cidery as a romantic getaway? I thought that was a winery thing! Not anymore. Showalter’s Orchard and Greenhouse, home of Old Hill Cidery, has a wedding venue, four cozy cottages, and sixty exquisite acres of flourishing orchards overlooked by gigantic wooden letters that spell out the word “love”. Talk about a perfect setting for a proposal! Showalter’s Orchard has much more to offer than just romance, however. It is also the home of Old Hill Cidery and it was inside its timber tasting room where the seduction began. Possible suitors included the bright, semi-sweet Betwixt, the slightly tart Virginia Strawberry, and the subtly sweet Virginia Peach. But the cider that stole my heart was Off the Press, an unadulterated blend of pink lady apples, pear and citrus. Meanwhile my hubby was captivated by the Cidermaker’s Barrel with its slightly smoky, bourbon notes. Thus began our new love affair – with Old Hill Cidery.

It was a bittersweet introduction to the Winery at Kindred Pointe. All that remains from its former equestrian glory days are the galloping steeds on the entrance gate and a fountain with rearing horses. The Winery at Kindred Pointe draws upon its past as a horse boarding farm to offer two unique experiences – a private, reservation-only tasting inside the former stable or a down-homey one inside the public pavilion. Due to time constraints, we opted for the latter. The pavilion tasting room offers both wine and hard cider tastings, snug sofas and grand views of the vineyards. Standout wines include the acidic but fruity 2017 Run for the Rose, the refreshing Oscar, a semi-sweet Vidal Blanc and the Red Sangria with its surprising semi-dry, peppery taste. On the hard cider side, I really enjoyed the Hard Core, perfect for those seeking a drier Angry Orchard and the Coconut Lime, which is similar to a hard seltzer. But the easy winner was Cherry Bomb, a unique blend of tart cherry and habanero. Yes the horses are gone but thanks to its wines and hard ciders, Kindred Pointe will still have plenty of blue ribbons its future.

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