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Britain Hill Venue & Vineyard

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

We arrived at Britain Hill Venue and Vineyard just after opening on a Friday afternoon so we were fully able to appreciate its peaceful bucolic setting. The leaves had just started falling but the sky remained defiantly blue as we strolled around the picnic and wedding chapel area before making our way to the tasting room located at the bottom of the striking bank barn venue. While the venue itself was quite large and boasted a covered wrap-around porch, the actual tasting room below while quite attractive, was on the smaller side with limited seating. However, there was a tent pitched just outside of the tasting room and it was there that we settled in with Domino the Winery Dog.

As I scrutinized Britain Hill’s extensive wine selection I couldn’t help but notice that they offered six, yes, six different flavors of wine slushies. While it wasn’t exactly slushy temperature outside, I just had to indulge in the sangria slushy and yes, it was full of frozen fruity deliciousness. Now I was ready for some wine tasting. The Britain Valley started off dry but finished with a nice fruity flair. The Pinot Grigio was crisp, light and paired perfectly with our cheese plate. And while I did indeed enjoy both of those dry whites, my heart belongs to the semis and the sweets. My personal picks here were the Mennonite White with its grapefruit notes, Big Rosie’s Red, a slightly tart Concord blend, and Happy Frog which was as sweet as its name. But my overall favorite was Toulouse Goose, a semisweet blush with berry notes.

While the grounds of Britain Hill Venue and Vineyard are indeed beautiful, there are no panoramic vineyard views. There is a vineyard off to the side of the venue but the main view from the upstairs deck is of the farmland below. Britain Hill hosts food trucks and live music on selected days, is dog and family friendly and does allow you to bring your own food on days when there are no food trucks. It is also is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon.

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23 sept. 2023

Such a cute dog!

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