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Weathered Vineyards and Winery

As winter takes hold, it becomes increasingly difficult to find activities to enjoy with your dog. Even the most dog friendly wineries will only allow your furbaby on the outside portions of their establishments which isn’t exactly fun in cold weather. So it was a real treat when we discovered Weathered Vineyards and Winery who not only have great wines but also a nice heated porch where we could enjoy them with Domino the Winery Dog by our side. Our visit to Weathered had a neighborly vibe – comfy, familiar and friendly. Yes, they are a bit off the beaten path with a small tasting room but they have a sizeable selection of drys, semis and sweets so you are sure to find one near and dear to your palate.

After securing some tasty onion and chive cheese curds and a spot on the porch with Domino, it was time to get down to tasting wine. I must say that I honestly enjoyed every single wine I sampled (Note - this did not include any dry reds. I’m sure they have excellent ones but they remain out of my wheelhouse for now) First up was the Chardonnay whose smooth buttery finish ultimately made it Mark’s favorite. For me, the standouts included Pinot Gris (dry but with a nice fruity finish), Riesling (a sensational semidry), Frontenac Gris (similar to a white sangria without all the sugar) and my personal favorite, Solstice with its unique, Moscato-like notes.

Weathered Vineyards and Winery also has beer, cheese, pizza, focaccia and wine slushys available and hosts fun events such as Therapy Thursdays. So don’t let the cold weather keep you and your pup inside, come on out and visit Weathered Vineyard and Winery!


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