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Moon Dancer Winery, Cider House and Taproom

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

For us, a trip to Moon Dancer Winery is more like a quest (2 ½ hours plus) but oh, what riches await! A mystical setting. Merriment. And a wealth of libations. If it sounds like I’m describing a Renaissance Faire that is exactly the vibe here at Moon Dancer. There are tents, music and tantalizing aromas. Hilltop views of the Susquehana River. Plenty of green spaces for children and furry friends. And a tasting room reminiscent of a small castle. Venture inside and you are guaranteed to find something to tickle your fancy, whether it be wine, hard cider, adult slushies, or beer. You name it, they got it. And if you’re a fan of fruit wines, you’ve come to the right place – Moon Dancer has six for you to try.

I started off with a wine flight consisting of Moon River White, a scrumptious semi-sweet with pineapple notes, a pleasant semi-sweet Riesling, a lovely, light Niagara called Ayla’s White and my ultimate favorite – Buster’s Blush, a sunny, strawberry forward blush. Next, I tried both of Moon Dancer’s hard ciders. I found the Premium Hard Apple Cider to be an enjoyable semi-sweet while the Premium Hard Cranberry Cider had a nice tart finish.

Tastings done and with a bottle of Buster’s Blush in hand, it was now time to eat. I have to say that Moon Dancer’s wood-fired pizza is one of the best offered by any winery anywhere, is reasonably priced and has decent sized portions to boot! You know what goes even better with wine and pizza? Live music! And yes, Moon Dancer has that too! Toss in their dog-friendly policy and now you understand what made us embark on this adventure in the first place - and why we keep coming back.

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