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Blue Toad Hard Cider

We first visited Blue Toad Cidery back in August 2021 after a long day of traveling the Virginia wine and cider trails. After indulging in a final glass of the day at Blue Toad, we headed to our hotel and I vowed to one day return and give this adorable cidery the full write up it so deserves. Last month, I kept my promise. This time around the weather was less cooperative and a steady rain stubbornly followed us on our journey. (The first photo is from our previous visit so you can see Blue Toad in all its sunny glory) Yet even with the ugly gray skies, Blue Toad Cidery is quite striking – from its eye-catching backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains to its lush pastures and family friendly picnic and playground areas. Four-legged family members are also welcome as well. Pelted by freezing rain, we made a mad dash into Blue Toad’s cute and cozy tasting room which is a swag lover’s dream come true. I mean, their mascot is an adorable blue toad for heaven’s sake, there’s no way you’re leaving without at least one t-shirt!

Now it was time to taste and if you’re looking for a large selection then you’ve come to the right place. Blue Toad has TWELVE hard ciders on tap and yup, you can taste them all. We kicked off with Amber, a slightly sweet cider with hints of caramel. A fusion of three apple varieties, Blue Ridge Blonde celebrates all the natural goodness of the fruit without overdosing you with sugar. If you enjoy ciders that are infused with other fruits, then Blue Toad is your paradise. My faves included Ginger Gold Peach (I usually dislike peach ciders but this one changed my mind!), Cherry Lime (I know, it sounds weird but it tastes soo good!), and Billievable (blueberry/cherry yumminess) Honestly, I enjoyed 10 out of the 12 hard ciders offered and even though my mission is now complete I have to say, I can’t wait to go back!

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