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Thirsty Owl Wine Company & Buttonwood Grove Winery

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Our next stop on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail was decided through sheer impulse – we just couldn’t resist the adorable golden owl mascot on the tasting room of the Thirsty Owl Wine Company. To our delight, we soon discovered that Thirsty Owl is one of the few wineries that is physically located on Cayuga Lake and even has a dock for boats. They also had the best tasting deal of the day - $5 for 5 samples that includes a $2 credit towards any purchase and believe me, you’re going to want at least one t-shirt with their cute little owl logo on it!

Tastings at Thirsty Owl were conducted on their outside deck with mesmerizing views of Cayuga Lake and their luxuriant vineyards. While the majority of their wine selection favors a dry palate, my sweet tooth was more than satisfied by their Diamond, Sweet Riesling and Blushing Moon. They also have a bistro on site and plenty of picnic tables and lawn space to stretch out, kick back and enjoy a lovely afternoon by the lake. Alas, time was short and so we reluctantly had to move on to our next stop…

Buttonwood Grove Winery is more than just a winery, it’s a destination. Offering up cozy cabins for rent, vast green spaces, fire pits, remarkable lakeside views and an incredible wooden chalet tasting room, Buttonwood Grove is a winery that begs you to linger.

All tastings include warm, freshly-baked bread and delectable artisan cheese along with 5 wines samples for just $12. Standouts include the Melody with its subtle peachy sweetness and the Sycamore Blush, a heavenly mixture of Niagara and Catawba. Again, we were sorely tempted just to hang out at Buttonwood Grove for the rest of the day but sadly, we had to move on. There were still so many more wineries to discover and this was only our first day!

Be sure to check out my Instagram for even more photos of our Finger Lakes Wine Trail experiences!

NEXT UP: Goose Watch Winery and Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars

Thirsty Owl Wine Company:

Buttonwood Grove Winery:

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James Brown
James Brown
Oct 10, 2022

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