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Heron Hill Winery & Stever Hill Vineyards

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Our final travels of the Finger Lakes Region brought us to the Keuka Lake Wine Trail, home of Heron Hill Winery. Heron Hill’s tasting room is like none other – featuring Greek revival architecture, a silo-like tower, high, arched ceilings, and banks of windows looking out onto 16 acres of plush vineyards with Keuka Lake peeking out from just behind the tree line. For those wishing to enjoy the blissful view, there are several outside tables and a large tent.

Despite the nobility of its surroundings, the atmosphere inside the tasting room was easy-going and our sommelier took the time to inquire about our preferences and to explain the origins of each wine. Tastings cost $10 for 5 wines and Game Bird White with its citrusy blend of Cayuga and Seyval won the day. Game Bird Blush with its strawberry and cranberry notes was a close second. While Heron Hill is an extremely popular winery, I never felt rushed or short-changed during my tasting and that, coupled with their delightful wines and beautiful location, will keep me coming back.

Stever Hill Vineyards has a homey feel, as familiar as a favorite glass of wine. Set in a renovated 1850’s barn, Stever Hill’s Crooked Barn Tasting Room features an elevated wooden deck with picnic tables and a gazebo complete with a firepit. The vibe is ultimate chill, a place to commune with nature at its most beautiful with flourishing vineyards and vibrant blue skies.

Tastings run $10 for 5 wines with beer flights and hard cider also available. Sweet cider fans will love the Loganberry from Cider Creek. We opted for the Semi-dry white tasting and immediately fell in love with Colonial White, a blend of Cayuga, Vidal and Vignoles with hints of grapefruit and citrus. Seyval Blanc also rocked our world. Of course, now we just had to try the sweet wines as well and holy smoke, did I die and go to heaven! I loved the Cooper’s Pink, Diamond, Niagara and the Mae’s Rose (a must for Concord fans). With its large wine selection, you’re almost guaranteed to find a favorite at Stever Hill and in our case, we found quite a few. While the peaceful surroundings made us want to stay, it was time to bid farewell to our Finger Lakes excursions. With a trunk full of wine, we headed back to New Jersey but before our journey reached its end, we decided to make one more stop….

NEXT UP: Setter Ridge Vineyards

Heron Hill Winery

Stever Hill Vineyards

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Jodie W
Jodie W
Nov 15, 2020

I really enjoyed your post and love checking out wineries! Thanks for sharing.

Jodie| That Happy Reader -

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