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Goose Watch Winery & Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Our last stop on Day One of our Finger Lakes Wine Country adventure was Goose Watch Winery. The tasting room is a restored century old barn with a cheery interior. The winery’s best feature however is its raised deck with splendid views of Cayuga Lake. With a backdrop of fragrant wildflowers, fertile vineyards and a grassy picnic area nestled under statuesque trees, Goose Watch will captivate you with its country appeal and first-rate wines.

Suffering from sweetness overload from our previous winery stops, we opted for a semi-dry tasting which cost $9 for 5 samples. Made from Vidal Blanc, the Snow Goose was peachy and crisp without being overly sugary while the UniGoose was a perfect middle of the road Riesling – not too dry, not too sweet. Subtly sweet ruled the day here, from their delicious hard cider - Flying High Semi-sweet Cider to their other wonderful white wines, Aromella and Melody. We couldn’t have picked a better place to say goodbye to the Cayuga Wine Trail.

We kicked off Day Two of our Finger Lakes Winery Tour by hitting the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. First stop - Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars. The stately tasting room lends a collegiate feel and indeed education is very much at the forefront of their tasting experience. Tastings run $10 for 5 pours and are geared towards personal taste with sommeliers actually taking the time to ask about our preferences and making recommendations. While drys rule here, our meticulous sommelier recommended several wines that we normally wouldn’t have tried yet found to our liking – Gewürztraminer, 42 North (white blend), Estate White (white blend) and the Moscato.

While we thoroughly enjoyed the wine, what we will treasure most about Lamoreaux Landing is its beauty. From its sweeping vineyard vistas to its breathtaking lakeside location to its dignified tasting room, Lamoreaux Landing has set the bar high for the rest of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. While we longed to stay and bask in its magnificence, duty called and so we reluctantly pressed on.

Be sure to check out my Instagram for even more photos of Goose Watch & Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars:

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Goose Watch Winery

Lamoreaux LandingWine Cellars

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2 comentarios

15 oct 2020

After reading your post, I think I'll open a bottle of wine.....I love it!!! I don't know much about wine types but for sure I love the taste.

Me gusta

Heather Prudeaux
Heather Prudeaux
12 oct 2020

That sounds like fun! I love visiting wineries. You get to taste something new and learn a little more about wines as you go.

Me gusta
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