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Stone Mountain Vineyards

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Our visit to Stone Mountain Vineyards felt more like an Indiana Jones movie – an action-packed expedition with astonishing treasures awaiting us at journey’s end. Hailing from the ultra-flat terrain of South Jersey, I must admit to being intimidated by the twisting, uphill gravel road leading to Stone Mountain Vineyards. But the second we stepped out of our car, we forgot all about our two miles of white-knuckled driving. That view! Let’s just say that it’s something that one needs to experience in person to fully appreciate.

After several minutes of oohing and aahing, we finally ventured inside the tasting room which had the atmosphere of a Swiss Alps chalet - hardwood floors, a polished pine bar, and sofas that literally suck you in. Walk outside onto the back deck for truly jaw-dropping mountain views. Can it get any better than this? Turns out, it can! Just add in some wine and fresh, warm baguettes. We started with the Gewurztraminer 2020, a pleasing off-dry with a floral aroma. Next up was my favorite of the day – the Viognier 2020 with its bright, fruity notes while my hubby opted for the Chardonnay Reserve 2019 with its smooth oakiness.

Our perilous journey had us left feeling a bit peckish so we indulged in a Charcuterie board with a delightful selection of cheeses, salami, and those awesome baguettes. It was a warm, sunny spring day as we sat on the deck sipping our wine and enjoying our lunch against the magnificent mountain backdrop - a memory I will forever cherish.

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Matthew Weatherford
Matthew Weatherford
May 03, 2022

Ooh I didn't get to go there last time I was in South Jersey we stayed in Somers point went to Mary's point a couple times I love it down there. You have to come try Southern Illinois we compete with California France grape ood here wee does too

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