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Rocklands Farm Winery

For this week’s Tales From the Wine Trails, we traveled the twisting woodlands roads of Montgomery County, Maryland to check out Rocklands Farm Winery. The parking lot was located at the base of an 1870 Italianate house and its classic beauty set the tone for what would follow. From its quaint corn crib, towering steel silo, traditional red barns, wild flower strewn walkways and shimmering pond, Rocklands Farm Winery emanates country charm.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we were sadly unable to experience a full wine tasting but we did enjoy a bottle of Rocklands 2018 Honey Blossom. This semi-sweet Vidal Blanc was refreshing and fruity and paired perfectly with the porch setting and hot summer day. We also enjoyed a glass of their Partnership Cider which was dry but had just enough blackberry notes to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Rocklands is more than just a winery, it is also a fully functional farm producing pasture grown meat and eggs which are available for sale in the tasting room. We absolutely loved their home made chipotle sage yogurt cheese spread. With its delectable home grown wines and peaceful rustic setting, Rocklands Farm Winery was the perfect place to start to our journey.

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