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Old York Cellars

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Old York Cellars is perfect for anyone seeking a winery experience with as little human interaction as possible. Upon entry into the pretty Ringoes winery we were greeted by a concierge who informed us that there is a two-hour time limit on tables and that all orders would be placed via an app which she would text to us. Oh and there would also be a $5 per person charge for live music. If we really wanted to distance ourselves, there are also cabanas scattered throughout the property available for an extra charge. No thanks. She then escorted us to a table in a large tented area with a stage where we spent a frustrating 15 minutes trying to order a wine flight via the app. Didn’t work. We had no choice but to flag down a server who was obviously taken aback by actually having to engage with us. At last, our order was placed and it was on to the tasting.

First up was the Peach Reserve, a lovely semi-dry with only a subtle hint of the fruit from which it derives its name. What Exit Blush had a sharper flavor than say, a Sutter Home or Yellow Tail blush, while the Sweet Blueberry was delectably tart. But the standout for me was the Sweet Apple, best described as Angry Orchard in wine form.

In addition to the usual winery food fare of cheese and artisan boards, Old York Cellars boasts a diverse menu featuring empanadas, sandwiches, paellas, and decadent wine-infused cupcakes. Their calendar of events is quite impressive as well, featuring Comedy Nights, live music, and special vendor shopping days. So if you’re searching for cool events plus great wine and food in an anti-social, two-hour time limit atmosphere then be sure to check out Old York Cellars.

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Lindsay Jane Vine
Lindsay Jane Vine
12. Aug. 2021

Man, I hate these timed covid times we live in! I can't wait to return to normal. It sounds like a nice place, as long as you don't need to talk to anyone that works there, plus I do love Yorkshire as that's where my Dad's from :)

Gefällt mir
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