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Hardball Cider

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Nothing goes better with a sun-drenched autumn day than cider – or, even better, hard cider. And there was plenty of that on tap at Hardball Cider along with a crafts fair, live music and food trucks. Families picnicked by the shimmering lake as children and dogs frolicked nearby. With its stunning lakeside setting, Hardball Cider is all about the outdoors and having a good time. To wit, their tasting room is small and serves mainly as an order and pickup area. And so, after securing a prime spot under an oak tree, we indulged in a cider flight.

First up was Caught in a Pickle. Although the idea of infusing hard cider with pickle juice may seem bizarre, I assure you that the taste was not. The pickle flavor is subdued and the overall taste was slightly salty yet sweet. For those wishing a more standard apple cider, check out the Curveball, which was sweet with a hint of spice. Infused with tangerine, Peeling Third started off sweet but finished tart. Looking for that perfect Halloween hard cider? Look no further than the Caramel Card, it’s like drinking a caramel apple! Finally, for those with the sweetest of sweet tooths, check out Bases Jammed, it’s like strawberry jam in a glass.

Tasting complete, I ordered a glass of Caught in a Pickle while my husband went for the Curveball. While he was picking up our order, I took Domino the Winery Dog for a stroll around the lake and marveled at the playful geese and the collage of leaf colors on the surrounding trees. Hardball Cider is more than just a cidery, it’s an afternoon of natural beauty, fun, and great hard cider.

Want to see even more videos of the wineries and cideries that I visit? Check out my youtube channel:

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1 Comment

Andrea Hunt
Andrea Hunt
Oct 26, 2022

OK pickles and cider?!? This was also my first thought. However, I have learned also not to be so judgmental with new things so you know what? I would try it why not? :D Thanks for introducing this idea!!

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