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Grandview Vineyards

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Some wineries have beautiful scenery and some have incredible, must-buy wines but it a rare creature that offers both. Grandview Vineyards is one such unicorn. This Lancaster county winery has it all – serene surroundings, excellent wine, delicious food and a gracious, knowledge staff that were happy to guide us along our tasting journey. It was a sweltering day so we claimed a table next to the window so we could still appreciate the view while making the most of the tasting room’s AC. Tastings were a very affordable $6 for 6 wines and as usual, we opted for the semi’s and sweet wines.

First up was the 2020 Riesling whose floral notes were reminiscent of a Triminette, making it the perfect cheese pairing wine. Next came the sweet, bubbly Diamond Dust, a perfect hot weather sipping wine. The same could also be said for the Sapphire White, which wasn’t nearly as sugary as most Niagara wines. The 2019 Blushing Ambrosia will capture the heart of fruit wine enthusiasts with its strawberry-raspberry overtones. The Ruby Red was a pleasant surprise – unlike most Concords, this was slightly tart without being syrupy. While I enjoyed all the above wines immensely, there was one in particular that was so unique and based on a concept so brilliant that it stole my heart – the Gold Rush Margarita. Yup, it tastes exactly as its name implies – a margarita wine. Just add salsa and nachos.

As if killer wines and a lovely view isn’t enough to suck you in, Grandview Vineyards also serves up live music, delectable cheese plates (I recommend the Bruschedda), flat bread pizzas and wine, chocolate, and cheese pairing. What more could you ask for?

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1 Comment

Bobby Lages
Bobby Lages
Aug 21, 2021

You've hooked me! My wife and I do enjoy our wine, as well as picturesque excursions on our motorcycles. So this is right up our ally. Thanks!

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