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Evansburg Vineyards

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

There’s no better way to celebrate a new year than a visit to a new winery. Having just opened in April of 2021, Evansburg Vineyards in Collegeville, Pa has quickly established itself as the backyard winery with a big heart. Relaxation reigns in this homey, family and pet friendly winery with its liberal bring your food policy, grassy open spaces and cozy barrel room. No worries for those not packing a picnic lunch as Evansburg also has pizza, cheese plates and indulgent desserts available for purchase.

Now onto the tasting! Wine flights are $9 for 4 samples and as usual, we opted for the semi-sweet to sweet offerings. First up was Radiance, a mellow Vidal Blanc white wine with a slightly sweet finish. The 2020 Pom was the standout for us – an apple/pear wine bursting with fruit and just a hint of sugar. Although the Revelation is a blend a Vidal Blanc and Pomegranate wine, to my palate it resembled more of a sweet Rose/cranberry mix. Regardless, it struck just the right balance of tart and sweetness. The 2020 Joy easily captures the award for best-named wine as it truly was a joy to taste – a tart cherry pleasure with a velvety finish. For our final selection, we took a chance on the 2020 Delight. It is well known that I am no fan of red wines. However, this blend of Corot Noir and Noiret was a darkly delicious blend of berries and plums.

While the day of our visit was cloudy and cold, we found nothing but warmth and great wine at Evansburg. Free live music will return in the warmer months and I for one am looking forward to spending the day kicking back and rocking out at Evansburg Vineyards.

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