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Brooklyn Ciderhouse at Twin Star Orchards

“Ugly apples taste better.” That’s the motto for the Brooklyn Ciderhouse at Twin Star Orchards so naturally, I was obligated to put that theory to the test. Upon arrival I discovered that while the apples may be ugly, the Ciderhouse and its surroundings were quite the opposite with lush orchards, a sparkling pond, and a large, dog-friendly picnic area. It was the perfect location to enjoy the warm spring weather while sipping on some fresh cold hard cider. Ah, but which one? Time for a tasting!

First up was Bone Dry which to the surprise of my sweet-loving palate, I actually enjoyed it! The natural apple flavor really shone through on this one - maybe because of the lack of sugar? As it turned out, there were quite a few ciders to like from the Tree of Life with its citrusy notes to the sweet and fruity Little Wild to my personal fave, the crisp Kinda Dry. Tasting complete, we ventured up to the Farmhouse Kitchen for lunch. Their menu includes wood-fired pizza, burgers, and BBQ fare along with dazzling views of the geese frolicking on the pond.

Since we visited on a Friday, our experience at Brooklyn Ciderhouse had a relaxing, back to nature feel. Domino the Winery Dog loved strolling around the pond and checking out the waterfowl. On weekends, the vibe is more energetic with live music and festivals. Regardless of what day you visit, you are guaranteed to have a great time kicking back with delicious hard cider at the Brooklyn Ciderhouse.



This seems like a great spot to try! We love sampling ciders so this sounds right up out alley and love that it’s dog friendly! Thanks for the great review.


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