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Beach Bee Meadery

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Yes, its name is Beach Bee Meadery but it was their hard cider that piqued my interest. Located a stone’s throw from the beach in Long Branch, Beach Bee’s cheery blue brick exterior foreshadows the tasteful libations inside. The Peach Cobbler hard cider is as sweet and succulent as the dessert from which it derives its name. The lightly carbonated Passionfruit is bursting with fruity goodness and the Blueberry Pomegranate hits all the right notes for sweet cider crowd. The Spiced Apple is reminiscent of Mc Donald’s hot apple pie while the Bourbon Hopped is a dry cider lover’s dream.

Ah, but what about the mead, you say? The Filly is ginger smokiness and the Dark Chocolate Bourbon and The Scotsman both had subtly sweet finishes. However, it was the Wake Zone with its coffee and chocolate notes that won the day.

What truly made our visit to Beach Bee Meadery exceptional was the people…and one very special Golden Retriever named Ross. Owners Curtis and Jack went above and beyond in assisting us with our tasting selections and even allowed us to bring Domino the Winery Dog inside the tasting room. There, she met the very sweet Ross and it was love at first sight! Those two had a blast playing together, topping off what was already a delightful afternoon at Beach Bee.

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