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Armageddon Brewing Company

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Nestled within a Somerdale industrial complex is South Jersey’s first cidery/meadery and one of its best kept secrets – Armageddon Brewing Company. Its production facility also doubles as a tasting room so while it may appear very bare bones on the outside, inside you will find hard cider ecstasy.

The coolest thing about Armageddon is that each visit is unique due to their frequently rotating taps. Exile is Armageddon’s flagship cider, a fruit-forward semi-dry that will woo lovers of traditional as well as sweet. While Exile is almost always on the menu, sometimes you will also find its slightly sweeter cousin, Wild Exile. Fans of raspberry will fall in love with Ida’s Heart while cranberry lovers will adore Cataclysm. At this week’s visit I was lucky enough to find Massacre Hopped, a semi-dry with a hint of blueberry. Speaking of blueberries, it’s time to mention my most favorite cider of all - Desire, a heavenly semi-sweet made from Hammonton blueberries. Occasionally, Armageddon also offers a hopped version of Desire which is also fantastic. The honey-infused Resurrection perfectly spans the gap between hard cider and mead. Ah yes, the meads. Once again, fruity flavors rule and there are usually three to four meads on tap, including the very popular Discordia (orange blossom) and Immortal Empress (peach apricot).

Armageddon is definitely a must-follow on Facebook so you can be on top of its ever-changing taproom offerings. It is also super dog-friendly and even allows them inside the tasting room! Indeed, if you’re looking for a friendly, low-key atmosphere where you can bring your own food and enjoy some of the best hard ciders in New Jersey then look no further than Armageddon.

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