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A'Dello Vineyard & Winery

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

There were several knuckle-biting moments as we travelled the icy backroads of Montgomery County, PA before arriving at our intended destination – A’Dello Winery. It turned out to be well worth the effort. Inside the the charming chalet-style tasting room, we were warmly welcomed by none other than the winery owner herself and that’s when our real journey began.

The first stop on our tasting voyage was the Riesling, a semi-dry white wine with a fine, crisp taste. Despite its name the Sweet Niagara did not suffer from sugar overload, deriving its flavor instead from the natural sweetness of the grape. The Passionate Peach was a slice of peach pie in a glass and a must for fruit wine fans. Bossman’s Blueberry was a pleasant surprise as it evaded the sickening pancake syrup consistency of so many blueberry wines, allowing for the fruit’s natural sweetness to shine through. Forbidden Apple was deceptively delicious, starting off with caramel notes and finishing with a burst of apple. This versatile wine was just as yummy warm, making it a perfect cold day sipper. The Pearberry is the perfect starter wine for newbies – think Welch’s grape juice as an adult beverage.

A’Dello Vineyards and Winery prides itself on its Italian roots and local connections. All the wine-making barrels were imported from Italy and all the fruit used in their wines come from local sources. Offering free live music on weekends as well as a bring your own food policy, A’Dello may be a bit off the beaten path but it’s a trip well worth taking.

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