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Horse Race

Backstretch Girls

a novel by DAWN LEFEVRE

Teagan Sullivan is a golden disappoint in the show ring. To make matters worse, her family are these big deal Olympic equestrians, so she skulks off to pony Thoroughbreds at a rundown racetrack.  But while she excels at equine relations, she sucks at human ones - just ask her sexy blacksmith/sleepover buddy Screaming Wolf.  And if she hadn’t gone and rescued that stupid jockey wannabe Anne Simmons, she wouldn’t be saddled with a new roommate, a broken down racehorse and a chance to prove herself to her family at last.

Born two months premature to an anorexic mother, Anne was a longshot just to survive.  Now eighteen, she arrives on the backstretch with nothing but a duffel bag and Derby dreams.  But the horsemen don’t trust the naïve newcomer so she’s stuck ponying horses instead of riding races. She is still chasing their respect when a near fatal accident shatters her body - and spirit. 

As Anne struggles to find the courage to ride again, Teagan wrestles with her feelings for Screaming Wolf. Horse racing’s richest race, Breeder’s Cup Classic, offers them both a chance at redemption. Will Teagan and Anne conquer their fears in time to claim the things that they love most?    

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Cape May





A thoroughly 

engrossing read

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