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Shelton Vineyards

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

When it comes to describing the grounds at Shelton Vineyards, there are simply not enough adjectives. Superb. Magnificent. Breathtaking. I could fill up a thesaurus based on just the drive up to the tasting room alone. Situated in Dobson, North Carolina, Shelton Vineyards first opened in 1999 and boosts an on-site restaurant, Harvest Grill, a spacious, modern tasting room, a concert stage, and without question the most beautiful scenery that this wine blogger has ever seen. Nature lovers will cherish the walking trail around the crystal clear lake. Families will adore the dog-friendly picnic area under the trees. Couples will enjoy kicking back with a bottle by the fountain under the trellis-covered patio. It doesn’t matter where you wander at Shelton Vineyards, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by beauty.

And with 22 wines on the tasting menu, you are guaranteed to find at least one treasure. I found five. Tastings are $12 for 5 samples and I loved all five wines that I sampled. First up was Yadkin Valley Riesling, a yummy semi-sweet with pineapple notes. Next was the Moscato, which was fruity to the point of almost being a sangria but not as sugary. The Salem Fork Blush was very smooth and less acidic than most blushes with hints of strawberry. The Salem Fork Sunset Sangria is quite simply one of the best sangrias I’ve ever tasted - sweet without being syrupy or doused with sugar. Last but not least was the Salem Fork Blackberry, a tartly sweet must-have for blackberry fans.

After our tasting, my hubby and I enjoyed a romantic stroll around the lake. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we yearned to stay longer but alas, the road was calling. After making a pact to one day return, we sadly climbed into our car and bid farewell to this pearl of the Yadkin Valley Wine Trail.

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JamieAdStories Writer
JamieAdStories Writer
Sep 22, 2021

This is my kind of day out. Still haven’t been to a vineyard but this looks relaxing and chilled.


Della Driscoll
Della Driscoll
Sep 21, 2021

I'd love to go to a vineyard!! This sounds like a perfect day xx

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