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Old Stone Cider

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Our expedition to Old Stone Cider was jam-packed with stunning vistas of rolling hills and Amish farmlands and an added bonus – the otherworldly experience of traversing the state lines of Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania in less than a minute. Little did we know that this space-age motif would carry through to our hard cider tasting.

The tasting room of Old Stone Cider is a historic red bank barn overlooking the sapling orchards. Inside, it gleams with polished oak, starry lights, and enthusiastic employees eager to guide you on your tasting journey. Flights are $12 for 4 pours and we started our mission with the Redfield, a dry cider-lover’s dream come true. Next, came the Harrison Spy which tickled our palates with its lemony notes. The Cherry Rush was appropriately tart but the cider that really launched my taste buds into the stratosphere was Enterprise – and I’m not talking about Star Trek! Enterprise celebrates the sweetness of the apple without being sugary or syrupy and is perfect for drinking while you kick back under the arbor with a good book and your canine best friend by your side. (Old Stone is dog friendly) On the weekends Old Stone Cider blasts off with live music, food trucks and hard cider that is truly out of this world.

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