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Mount Salem Vineyards

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

If Mount Salem Vineyards were to adopt a tagline, it should be this: Mount Salem - we treat you like family! It was a frigid March day when we arrived at their Pittstown, NJ tasting room where we were greeted by a sign that re-directed us to the farmhouse instead. Once inside, we were immediately seated at a long dining room table in front of a roaring fireplace along with other wine enthusiasts.

This was not your usual pour, sip, now pay me and leave wine tasting - the staff couldn't have been more welcoming, taking their time between pours and giving full history of each wine. When I informed them that I wasn't into dry wines, the hostess simply poured me a semi-sweet Triaminette (crisp, fruity and very nice) to sip while my hubby delved into the drys. Mount Salem's casual atmosphere, the lively banter among our fellow wine tasters and the friendly staff ensured that a good time was had by all

The farmhouse where our unforgettable tasting was held is on the left, the official tasting room is on the right.

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