• Dawn LeFevre

Ironbound Cider

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

An antique pickup truck, snow-covered saplings and furry(!) piglets greeted us on the chilly March afternoon when we arrived at Ironbound Cider in Asbury, NJ. We shivered up the sloping walkway to the rustic tasting room and were promptly greeted by Ironbound's friendly owner, Charles Rosen, who recommended the chili and grilled cheese.

While we waited for our food and sampled Ironbound's hard ciders (loved the Devil's Harvest), Mr. Rosen shared his plans for the cidery, which include reintroducing several species of extinct apple trees back into New Jersey, live music, food trucks, and the release of Ironbound's first wines.

And then our food arrived: the chili was hot and delicious and complemented perfectly by the yummy goo of the grilled cheese. All in all, a perfect ending to a fantastic experience.

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