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Fox Hollow Vineyards

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Fox Hollow Vineyards in Holmdel, NJ features the cutest of all winery mascots – a fox in an English riding helmet. Tastings run $12 for 4 wines and includes a souvenir glass with said mascot on it. The 2019 Derby White was my clear favorite with its floral aroma and pear notes. The 2016 Petite Belle was as smooth as its honey finish while the 2016 Triaminette had a slightly buttery sweetness. Tastings were held inside the barrel room/production area, a rather utilitarian facility that lacked restrooms (port-a-potties are available outside) Indeed, Fox Hollow’s best feature is its lovely grounds with an outside stage/patio area with flower gardens, below which lies an expansive lawn/picnic area.

As usual, we were originally drawn to Fox Hollow because it featured free live music and now that we completed our tasting, we inquired about purchasing a bottle to enjoy on the patio. Nope. Fox Hollow Vineyards doesn’t allow for on-site consumption of bottled wine (you may purchase them to take home, however). It is not a legal issue but rather the winery’s own policy. Wine slushys, sangria and most glasses of wine cost $10 each. For the $20 we spent for 2 glasses, we could have easily enjoyed an entire bottle and a full day of music at another winery. So despite the music, beautiful day, and flavorful wine, the strict by-the-glass only policy kept our visit brief. Perhaps that’s the intention – taste, buy, leave. So we finished our glasses and bid a sad adieu to what should have been a delightful afternoon at a pretty winery.

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1 Comment

Wine Divaa
Wine Divaa
Jul 19, 2021

I thought I visited but I was confused with Fox Run Vineyards in Finger Lakes, I will definetely add this to the next place to visit in NJ. Cheers

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