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Cedar Rose Vineyards

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

As my husband and I wound around way up Cedar Rose Vineyards' scenic drive towards their new tasting room, we were immediately impressed by its beauty and size. Upon entering the structure, we were dismayed to discover that it suffered from "Reverse Dr. Who Syndrome", i.e., it looks bigger on the outside. While there is indeed a lot of space inside the well lit, high ceiling building, most of it is sadly dedicated to manufacturing equipment. Lured by the promise of live entertainment, we were disappointed to see the acoustic guitarist crammed into a corner and only 4 tables with chairs, none of which were empty. Cedar Rose does have nice long bar for one to STAND at and enjoy a tasting as well as more tables outside with heaters for those willing to brave the elements on this frigid day.

What we'd envisioned to be a relaxing afternoon of splitting a bottle of wine while enjoying live music quickly disintegrated into your run of the mill tasting. I am not complaining about Cedar Rose's wines, they have a nice selection of drys and sweets, several of which we really liked and yes, I was disappointed that I was not able to spend more time there. Due to the lack of indoor seating, hubby and I had no choice but to move on but vow to return on a warm spring day when we can enjoy a bottle of their Sandpiper wine outside overlooking their gorgeous vineyards.

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