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4 JG's Winery

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Named in honor of its 4 founders, 4 JG’s Winery in Monmouth County is rich in history yet elusive in operating hours as they are only open on weekends from July through December. The sign outside their tasting room advertises a $12 “admission” fee so I was anticipating a tour of their historic farm buildings, many of which date back to the 1700’s or perhaps a stroll along Big Creek, famous for its prehistoric fossils. Alas, all my $12 netted me was a routine tasting of 6 unremarkable wines, a shot glass of wine slushy and a slice of watermelon.

Other than a vague offer to “walk through the vineyards on your own” by our pourers (yeah right, it was 95 degrees outside!) 4 JG’s has little to offer in hospitality. At $2 per sample, 4 JG’s has the highest tasting fee in New Jersey so yes, I was expecting a little more. There are no cheese plates or snacks of any kind and seating is limited to scattered chairs and a couple of picnic tables. Live music or entertainment? Forget it! I had truly hoped that 4 JG’s would provide us with a memorable experience instead of just a standard tasting but since they did not, my husband and I did as expected and moved on.

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